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I have been really wanting to ask some artists that I love on DA to do a commission for me. But my mom wont let me pay for commissions with real money. So I'm moving to the next best thing, points! Please, please, please donate, anything is appreciated. Thanks! AND STAY KAWAII!

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I started my new business called, "Sienna's Canine Creations!"


I will never forget you... (First Commission!)
I started a new business!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!

Its called, "Sienna's Canine Creations!" (I had to reveal my name to say that but... whatever xD)

For just $5.00 I can turn your dog into an adorable cartoon puppy!

This was my first commission and it was so emotional.  This families dog passed away and the daughter of the family has been very sad about it.  The mother of the girl asked me to draw a special picture commemorating the death of their dog.  I wanted to do something very special, so I drew the daughter hugging the dog in the clouds.  I wanted to give the message that, "You are gone, but never forgotten".


Highlight: Yes you are, just let it out.


Cry foreverYou make Foxie Cry :cry: Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness 
Omg Highlight what the heck is wrong with you xD


Highlight: It was worth it though, I look good.



*Explosions everywhere*

One never knows what their particular mental state is…sane or insane.  The students of, The School for the Special and Insane, do not categorize themselves in a negative manner.  If one were to ask The Insane where they fall, they would most likely say they are special.  And are they not?  Likewise, when The Specials are asked how they are feeling they would respond, insane.  

Some say that being a Special is just an illness, something that will someday have a cure.  In reality though being a Special is not an illness, it’s not a gift; it’s something that we just happened to be born with that is now a part of us.  My name is Violet, I am a part of the Special Class at, The School for the Special and Insane.  While most people at the school have powers like fire or water, I have the ability to communicate with and control snakes.  This power is like having a glass cup on your head.  If you’re not careful it could fall, shatter, and cut your foot.  I was brought to the school due to being unable to control my powers.  My few snakes that I carry around are like my family, and I know they will never leave me.  That could be both good and bad.  One day while I was in the park, a boy walked up to me and started making fun of my looks, and my snakes.  I became hot with anger and accidently told one of my venomous snakes to bite him.  As the child sat gasping for air, it became obvious my power needed control.  The child lived thankfully, but  I want to be around people without being scared of hurting them.  There is just one problem now, my rival.

We are called The Freaks, we are called The Animals, we are called The Monsters… we are called The Insane.  My name is Nimmy, I am a part of the Insane Class at, The School for the Special and Insane.  Why am I insane you might ask?  Well it’s not like I chose to be insane, it’s just who I am now.  For example, why are oranges orange?  They could have been purple or blue, but they are just orange.  Ok, so there is actually a reason for my personality type.  When I was 12, my sister Stela and I were doing a circus act, making an elephant disappear.  During the act, the elephant got loose and went on a rampage.  It was like a stampede of one elephant.  The circus tent collapsed on top of me and Stela.  We both suffered a head injury, and my eye was severely damaged.  Those head injuries messed with our brain cells and completely changed our personalities, from sweet and goofy, to insane and dangerous.  For years Stela and I went from city to city, staying in the shadows.  Using my gift of illusions and tricks, and Stela using her gift of flexibility and parkour, we robbed, pranked, and vandalized the cities.  One day though, our crazy tricks came to an end when we got caught by the police.  The police department thought it was best for us to be sent to the school, but they are so wrong.  We will escape this school and continue our trickery again!  

Today is only my second week of being at the school.  When I first walked in, I saw this tall, weird looking girl with a creepy bird on her shoulder.  It looked like something straight out of a horror movie.  A cool breeze whooshed its way through the halls.  Suddenly, I see a man flying through the air like a one manned airplane.  This school is nothing like what I expected.  It’s way more crazy and exciting.  

I already have two good friends that have been like family to me.  Autumn who has the power to create and control fire with her hands, and her sister Mizu who can transform into and manipulate water.  They have been helping me to adjust to this new lifestyle. Even though I have Autumn and Mizu, there are three friends that I know will never leave my side, my three snakes Fria, Jisu, and Kila.  They stay wrapped around me like cozy scarfs that keep you warm and safe.  Fria is my Diamondback Rattlesnake and she likes to stay on my shoulder.  Jisu is my Python that likes to stay wrapped around my waste.  Finally there is Kila, my King Cobra who likes to stay on my left arm.  Despite Jisu and Kila being extremely dangerous, I don’t feel scared with them on me.  I feel safe and loved, like nothing can really happen with them around me.

Just when I thought things could not get weirder, it became lunch time.  The Insane side is full of weird foods, from bugs on a stick to snow cones with worms in them.  While The Insane had their food, I just got what I always got, salad, bread, and some meat for my snakes to eat.  I keep looking over at The Insane table like a paranoid person.  They are always being so… well INSANE!  They jump all over the tables like trampolines, they get into dangerous fights constantly, and they make The Special’s lives harder with their antics.

The school has one Special and one Insane per room.  This is supposed to help the two groups get together and accept each other, but it does the complete opposite.  I was very surprised when I met my roommate.  It was the girl that I saw when I first walked into the school!  Her side of the room is like a mini circus, ready to steal the attention of everyone that attends.  I kept thinking of ways I can greet her, but she makes me feel so uncomfortable.  I wonder what she is thinking.

Eyes twitching, heart pumping, fists tightening…  This is the feeling of anger, but some see it as being insane.  In my eyes everyone is insane, but you just don’t know it.  My sister and I have been attending this school for over a year now and it feels like I never left the circus.  Constantly looking behind your back, watching your every step and thinking of new ways to stun the audience.  Today, another roommate was assigned to me.  She is the most special Special I have ever seen.  She has snakes wrapped around her arm, waste, and shoulder.  She was not scared of them, not even uncomfortable.  She just walked around casually as if they were clothes.  When she greeted me, I did not reply.  I felt that if I did it would spark conversation that would lead to friendship.  I would rather become the queen in a deck of cards, than become friends with a Special.  I inspected her, and then looked at my deck of cards.  I like to match every new person that I see to their own card.  She looks sweet like a heart, but the snakes make her seem dark like the color black.  She is a black 2 of hearts, 2 because that’s the number of how much I like her.  

At lunch, I sat with my boyfriend Riston and my sister Stela.  As my roommate walked past me, I stretched my leg out and made her spill her food.  Her expression was like an angry performer after falling from a podium.  I laughed like a clown and smirked.  Never before had I enjoyed pulling a prank so much.  Suddenly her python lashed at me, and started wrapping around my neck.  Luckily, a teacher came and made her stop.  She is strong, her ability is interesting, and her snakes are dangerous.  There is one thing I have however that she does not have… a trick up my sleeve at all times.

The Special and The Insane are both very interesting and different people, both with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Nimmy and Violet however are different…  Violet is like no other Special in the school, but despite her rarity and shy look, she can turn into a killer snake if she has to.  Nimmy is different in the way she became insane.  While most of the other Insane have been the way they are all their lives, Nimmy along with her sister Stela were not always insane.  When they became insane though, they embraced it in a dangerous way.  No one can be in control of their roller coaster life here.  It’s all about what the teachers say and how the students see you.  The Special see the Insane as dumb and crazy maniacs.  The Insane see Special as evil selfish brats who want nothing but to overrule everyone else, but never judge a book by its cover…

Why, why can’t I control it?  Why can’t I just live life without risking someone elses?  Despite me hating the circus girl, I don’t want to kill her!  My roommate and I were dragged through the halls into an isolation room.  The isolation room causes my powers to be weaker and also calms The Insane.  The teacher closed the door and demanded us to think about what we had done.  The room fell silent, the only sound filling the room were the laughs of The Insane outside.  For hours we just sat thinking but not talking.  Finally, a teacher opened the door for us.  The girl pushed me out of the way and stomped off.  She is so rude, so sassy, so fearful, so insane!

The isolation room is the worst place for someone like me.  All of the thoughts we would never think, we think!  When I was in the room with my roommate, I kept thinking things like, “Why am I insane?  How would my life be if I did not do that act?  Why am I alive?”  Right when I walked out of that room, I felt like myself again, insane and proud.  
As I stomped through the colorful hallways, I bumped into my boyfriend Riston.  I felt safe seeing his strawberry red hair and brown eyes.  Whenever we are together everything changes… We go from insane to sane faster than making a man disappear.  As we embraced, he sang my favorite song in my ear to calm me down, Insanely In Love.  When I hear this song coming from the soft voice of my King, I feel safe and loved.

After embracing Riston, I made my way to my mini circus of a room.  Despite my career being the cause of my frame of mind and injured eye, it’s still who I am.  My roommate has still not returned, she’s probably off with other Specials rubbing their powers in The Insanes’ faces.  As I laid in my bed staring out the elephant shaped window, I see one very special Insane in the school.  His name is Curtis and is the only Special and Insane.  He uses his gift and his insanity to cause trouble and chaos in the school.  I have respect for him though.  He does not aim his gift at just The Insane or just The Special.  He does it equally to both groups.  This could be good and could be bad, but who cares!  It’s fun to watch him cause The Special to fall!  

Violet and Nimmy’s relationship is not going well.  Violet thinks Nimmy is just insane and stupid, while Nimmy thinks Violet is dangerous and selfish.  This is how most relationships go in this school, and it’s tearing the school apart.  It seems like everyday roommates need to be switched up because either The Special or The Insane are causing trouble.  This is getting out of hand, and the principle has to make some tough choices.  

I don’t want to be one of those people that need a new roommate every three days!  I need to start over, I need to think, I need to make a truce.  As I crept into my room, I see my roommate, asleep on her bed.  Her bird stares at me, eyes wide and focused.  It’s like he is protecting her…  I sat on my bed, and like a spring, the girl sprung up.  We both were fixed on each other’s eyes, thinking of what to say.  Finally, I asked for forgiveness and introduced myself.  There was no reply from her, she just kept looking at me with her only eye.  Her other eye is always wrapped up with some sort of cloth.  I always wonder what it looks like underneath.  As I started walking out the door, I hear the slightest sound coming from the direction of the girl, Nimmy…
She introduced herself… Why?  She is just another selfish Special, why would she find the need to introduce herself to me?  I felt this weird feeling inside, it’s like the feeling I get when I’m around Riston, but different somehow.  I did not want her to leave without me saying anything, so I introduced myself also.  Is this it?  Is this the start of an actual friendship with a Special?  NO! I CAN NOT BE FRIENDS WITH A SPECIAL!  Its, it’s insane.

As I looked out my window staring at the doves, my sister suddenly rolled down from above with a grin growing large on her face.  I glanced out to see what she was hanging onto, and it was my scarfs for tricks!  My last ones to.  Now they are ruined and stretched.  Despite me being mad at my sister, I really needed to see some insane actions to cheer me up.  

As I walked to my next class, I was thinking of what I should say to Violet next time I see her.  Should I do what any other Insane would do?  Or should I consider forgiving her?  My first class today is anger management, and trust me this class is never going to help me at all, but it does get me thinking…  

At lunch I saw Violet sitting at a table alone.  Glancing at my dove on my shoulder, I asked him if I should sit next to her.  No reply as usual, but I decided to do it.  She looked surprised, like she never expected me to ever acknowledge her again.  Everyone in the cafeteria was staring at us.  I felt like I just did something embarrassing during an act in front of thousands of people.  The only thing that’s different… I’m not ashamed.

What is she doing?  Why is she trying to be friendly?  I thought she hated me, just like every Insane.  While we were eating, all the students in the cafeteria were just staring at us…  It made me nervous and cautious.  The silence in the room quickly turns to chaos as The Insane started throwing food and trays at me!  I tried hiding under the table, but Curtis blew me out with his insane powers.  He came closer and closer to me, voltage coming out of his hands.  Right when I thought I was a goner, Nimmy stood right in front of me and became a human shield.  “WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING HER?  SHE’S A SPECIAL,” Curtis asked angrily.  The whole cafeteria stared at Nimmy, waiting for her answer.  Everyone was shocked when she answered, “BECAUSE SHE’S MY FRIEND!”

I actually did it, I actually did it…  I am now the first Insane ever to stand up for a Special.  What has gotten into me?  The Specials are supposed to be my worst enemies!  After the fight, Riston and Stela were berating me, telling me that this could ruin my reputation.  Honestly though, I don’t care!  I feel something I never felt with any of my insane friends

After lunch, everyone was called into the gym for an announcement.  The Insane sat on the benches left of the gym, while The Special sat on the right.  There was this weird feeling in the gym, a feeling of sadness and despair.

The principal entered the gym with a serious look in her eye.  It looks like how Stela looked before beginning a balancing act.  There was no delay in the principals speaking, she just got straight to the point and announced something horrible!  “There will be a new school made for The Insane while The Special stay here.”

NO!  THIS CAN’T BE!  I FINALLY MADE AN INSANE FRIEND AND NOW SHE IS GOING TO BE KICKED OUT!  How can this be ok?  We can’t just kick out The Insane and send them to a new school just because things are harder.  When I dragged myself into my room, I saw Nimmy staring out her window with an empty expression on her face.  I walked up to confront her, but stopped at the sight of her scared dead eye.  She had removed her wrapping for the first time.  Her eye was stitched shut with scars all over.  There was a whole circle of colors around it from purple, to red, and even some black.  Tears streamed down her face, even though she had not said anything. I knew exactly what she was thinking.

You’re a freak, you’re an animal, you’re not human, and you’re insane.  These are the things that I am told every day of my life, but to be honest… I love this school.  I love the chaos, I love the array of colors, and I love the memories.  This school is where I met Riston, it’s where I saved Ace when he fell out of his nest, and now it’s where I made my first Special friend.  I took my wrapping off to see the face that caused everything.  This is why I am insane!  This is why I only have one eye to see the world!  This is what made me a freak!  An animal!  An Insane!  This is what made me… me.

Nimmy… please don’t think that way.  This is crazy; we can’t just sit and wait for the principal and the teachers to kick out The Insane to a new, probably disgusting school!  We need a plan…  I confronted Nimmy, but she quickly put her wrapping back on like she was too embarrassed for anyone to see her true face.  As we talked about a possible plan, she started making up some insane ideas that were dangerous and unrealistic.  I giggle when she came up with the idea to put an octopus on the principal’s head.  As she was making up all these crazy ideas, I started thinking.  We are the only Special and Insane to ever become close friends!  We could show the principal that it’s possible for peace!  I told Nimmy my idea, but she quickly found a flaw.  None of that will matter if Insane are still insane.  I looked down to the ground in disappointment.  If that won’t work than what will?

We thought of ideas for hours but came up with nothing.  Nimmy started losing hope.  She admitted that the only thing that can save The Insane is to not be insane!  Then, it hit me!  If I can teach Nimmy to control her insanity, then that would prove to the principal that peace between The Special and Insane is possible!  I explained my plan to Nimmy, and a grin grew across her face.  Right when she made that Joker like grin, I knew this was going to take a while.

The plan is perfect!  It will work!  The only thing is, can someone really teach an Insane to not be insane?  I’m always going to be me, but how do I control it?  The bell rang and Violet told me to meet her outside in the back of the school this afternoon.  My next class is an insanity support group, and I hate it.  They basically just say crap like, “Why are you insane?  Do you know you’re insane?  What can you do to be more like a Special?” Now that last question really gets on my nerves to the point that even my hat is twitching.  I tried starting my training early by holding back my anger, but I failed.  I started going… insane.  This is going to be hard work.

After class, we met in the back of the school.  I looked around to see props everywhere, from stuffed animals, to chairs; heck there was even an inflatable Spiderman!  Violet told me to sit in the chair and just simple watch.  I was confused and even Ace was confused.  Then out of nowhere, Autumn and Mizu come out of the trees and start using their powers to destroy the props.  Something starts to build up within my body, seeing the brightness of the fire destroy the cuddly stuffed animals, and the power of the water popping the inflatables.  It was… exciting!  I wanted to join in but I tried to hold myself back.  I tried and tried until I could not help it anymore!  I jumped out of the chair and started kicking the dolls and stepping on the inflatables with a grin on my face and laughing insanely!   Violet looked at me, arms crossed and clearly upset.  Opps…

This is going to be harder than I thought.  Her insanity is not as bad as other students, but it’s still out of control.  After practice we went back to our dorm.  I could tell Nimmy was disappointed in herself.  She looked at me with depressing eyes, and she confessed to me something that only her sister knows.  She told me how she became insane…  She took off her wrapping again to show me her dead eye.  Right when she showed me her eye willingly, I quickly embraced her.  She did not do it back at first.  She looked shocked like this was her first hug.  Finally, she hugged me back.  I ensured her that we can do this!  We can save the school!

She hugged me… Even though I have been hugged before, this felt like the first time.  I felt something I had not felt in years, friendship.  I had doubts on whether or not I could control my insanity, but Violet gave me confidence.  I know we can do this, but how?

The next day, I slept in late not caring about missing classes.  I woke up to loud banging on my door.  I had no idea who would be knocking at the door besides Violet.  She probably just forgot her key again.  I open the door to see Autumn, with a very fearful expression on her face.  She informed me that Violet had another incident with her powers that nearly cost the life of one of the students!  She was put into The Special’s containment room for one week.  I was shocked, I was sad, I was scared.  If she is in the containment room, how can we practice!  We only have four more weeks until The Insane are sent home to wait for the new school.  Some of The Insane don’t even have a home away from the school… like me, Stela, and Riston.  I’m going to have to train myself.  

How do I keep getting myself into these situations?  I was finally doing well at this school, and then Curtis had to try and continue the fight he started.  I woke up early this morning to go shopping with Autumn and Mizu.  It was going well for a while, until we ran into Curtis.  He started insulting me with a hurricane of hurtful words.  He called me freak, he said I ruined Nimmy’s life, and he said my parents were better off without me.  How he knew I was an orphan, I don’t know.  One thing I do know however is no one talks about my past like that.  That’s when I lost it.  Despite me hating Curtis, I never wanted to hurt him.  All three of my snakes attacked him, and he was very badly injured.  My anger did this to him, and I can’t control the monster inside me.  Now Nimmy and all The Insane are going to suffer because of me.

Ok, this is going to be hard, but I can do it.  I just have to think like Violet.  Think like Violet…  No.  I need to think like Nimmy, but not insane.  I started pacing around my room thinking of what I could do to train myself.  Suddenly, Ace flew off my shoulder and started pulling on my clothes and pecking at my hat.  Usually I would start getting mad, but I didn’t this time.  It was like Violet was there helping me to see the world in her eyes.  I started chasing Ace around the room and playing with him.  This could work, I could train myself!

Five days have past and I can’t wait until Violet is let out.  Me and Ace have been training in our room together.  He has been doing things that would make me go insane, and I try to control it.  So far I have only gone insane once.  YOU CAN’T BLAME ME THOUGH, ACE PULLED OFF MY EYE WRAPING!  Hours and hours, days and days, we kept training.  As I walked down the halls, I seemed like a completely different person.  People used to fear me, but now they are just looking at me in shock.  Riston sees no difference though.  This is how I usually act when I’m around him.  Stela needed some time to accept that I’m trying to change.  I will always be insane, but I’m trying to control it.  To only let out my insanity when the time is right.

One more day until Violet is released.  Ace and I worked all day and all night, decorating the room, and making it look marvelous for her return.  It has been hard work, but I think I did it.  I have learned to control my insanity.  It has been a long run.  It’s hard to believe that Violet was my enemy in the beginning.  Now, she is my close friend.  We are as close as the sun to a  flower.  While I was looking out my window, I saw a bee land on a dead flower pot outside.  I had tried to take care of it, but It ended very badly.  Strangely, when the bee landed on the flower, it came to life again!  I looked past the bee to see a woman, bees flying around her.  She waved hello to me with a smile.  For a Special to wave hello to an Insane, that’s very unusual.  I guess with everything going on, The Specials are growing to like me.

Today is the day Violet is released.  I wait anxiously at the door along with Autumn and Mizu.  When the principal came to release Violet, she was shocked to see me there.  Usually it’s another Special waiting for someone to be released from The Special containment room.  Never before has she seen an Insane waiting for a Special to be released.  Finally, the door opened for Violet to go free.  I was so overwhelmed with joy that I just jumped into her arms for a memorable embrace.  The principle stared at us, obviously confused.  We giggled and explained to her what we have created together.  We told her how our bond is like no other, and how we have been training to save the school.  Without saying a word, she turned around and walked away.  Violet and I were confused and broken.  We fear she will still make the other school.  Me and Violet will be separated forever.

I’m finally free and this is how it’s going to end.  I will have to let go of my closest friend.  Nimmy was distraught, but suddenly perked her head up in happiness.  I was confused.  I was not able to ask her what’s wrong, because she quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me to our room.  The light from the sun entered my eyes.  The room was full of bright and colorful glitter and ribbons.  Ace was flying around with a bubble blower in his beak.  It was so beautiful that I shed tears.  Nimmy has finally broken from her uncontrollable insanity.  She did not tell me, but I know.  

We sat in our beds talking about what we can do to still keep in touch.  Suddenly, a ring from the school speakers fills the room.  We hear the voice of the principle sounding very happy.  She started talking about me and Nimmy!  She told us how amazed she is on how much our friendship has grown, and how she has never seen anything like it before.  Then she made an announcement that will stay within my heart forever… “We will not be making The School for the Insane.  This school will forever be known as The School for the Special and Insane!”

Nimmy will always be insane, but she can now control it.  Violet is learning to control her anger by going with Nimmy to her anger management classes.  The building that was already being worked on for the Insane was turned into The Restaurant for the Special and Insane.  Most importantly thought, Nimmy and Violet are still close friends and do everything together.

Nimmy also got to pull the octopus on the principles head prank.
Fear, fear is what started all of this, fear and curiosity.  People fear the unknown, but the unknown makes people curious.  My name is Nix Howler; I’m the leader of the hybrid sanctuary camp.  Things have not always been this way.  There was a time when we were happy, alone and free.  I don’t know any other way to explain except by starting at the beginning.  
There are two ways hybrids are born, either one of the parents is a hybrid themselves, or if a human has just the right genes that makes the child a hybrid.  In me and my twin sister Stingers case, my mother was part eagle.  She had long reaching powerful wings that would smother you in safety when danger was approaching. My mother was being held in a hybrid prison by humans who thought hybrids are dangerous.  However, she would never allow the humans to do that to her twin babies with opposite looks and personality.
My mom, using her ability to communicate with birds, called a hawk over and slid a note through the bars that said, “Please come save my babies.”  A few hours later, a bat came to her cell with a letter saying, “I will be waiting in the clouds at dawn.”
When it came to free time outside the next day, my mom secretly dug a hole and slipped me and Stinger through it.  Then a young man by the name of Yun swept down and picked us up. Looking back now, I can imagine what he was thinking as he was flying through the air, looking down at these two little babies.  He would have saw my little fuzzy wolf ears and wolf tail, but he also would have saw my sharp claws and teeth.  He then would have spotted Stinger and saw her scorpion tail with a sharp point at the end.  Why would he want to take care of two dangerous children like us?  Little did I know at that time, he was a not just a friend of my mom’s.
I looked up at Yun and saw how amazing he was.  He had large bat wings and bat ears.  He looked down at me and smiled, “It’s ok little one, you’re safe now.”  He took us to his damp, musty cave in the dark, bleak forest and raised us.
Four years pass and me and Stinger are growing more and more powerful.  As me and Stinger were playing, she threw me against a tree and the tree got knocked down.  As we continued to play, Stinger accidently poked me in the arm with her tail, and my arm swelled up.  I was fine though, it was not enough to kill me.  We were happy, until Yun came to us and said, “They are coming, Nix take your sister and run, run far away!”  I was very confused, until I looked past Yun and behind him saw humans, running towards us.  “I’m not leaving without you,” I begged.  Yun smiled and put its hand on my shoulder.  “I knew you wouldn’t,” he then grabbed me and Stinger and flew us out of the cave to a small eerie lake.  “Now go, find a place where no one will find you, and stay there.”  A tear fell down my face.  Despite me not wanting to accept it; I knew I would never see him again.  
As Yun flew away, we felt his tears falling from his face onto ours, like rain pouring down from the clouds.  Stinger and I felt empty knowing that never again would we lay ours eyes upon him, and we could not do anything about it.  A few minutes later, we heard a gunshot.  Embracing, we both cried out, our tears were like waterfalls.  It felt like someone was stabbing my heart over and over again.  “Nix, what now?” whispered Stinger while still having her arms around me.  “We do what Yun said, we go where no one will find us.”
The next morning, everything was still and silent.  Stinger and I were still terrified.  The one person we looked up to and loved, gone forever.  We walked through the woods for days.  We were hungry, scared, cold and tired.  As we were walking, Stinger just stopped.  She looked at me with a doubtful expression.  We were starting to lose hope, until we found an abandoned camp site.  “It looks like, a human camp… but it has not been used for years,” stated Stinger.  I looked at her with a happy expression.  “This is it, this is our new home.”
We started spending hours a day fixing the camp and cleaning it up.  I noticed that Stinger had not been acting like her normal self, she never smiled, her tail is always down, and she has not eaten.  Both of our clothes started getting shorter and shorter as we grew.  My shirt is now over my belly button and the sleeves to my jacket have gone over my elbows.  Same thing was happening to Stinger.  

Twelve years went by and by this time we had already made the camp a perfect safe haven for all hybrids.  At this point, approximately 20 hybrids had already found security in the camp. There is Grace, an eighteen year old hawk hybrid, and Highlight who was no hybrid, however was exposed to radiation and was made insane.  Highlight loves explosives and is a bit of a nut.  No one wanted to take her in because of her crazy nature, so I took her in.
One day, I was out in the woods hunting for food for the camp.  Suddenly, my ears twitched.  The slightest sound of someone moaning in pain creeped its way into my ears.  I sniffed around and spotted something moving from the far.  It just looked like an animal, but it was a man.  He had fluffy lion ears and a long lion tail.  I looked at his leg, it was dug deep into a bear trap set up by humans.  He was not crying, not even wincing.  He just looked at me.  He screamed out, “RUN, THEY’RE COMING!”  I perk my head up and saw humans running toward us with guns and nets.  I glanced down at him, I see the terrified look in his shining blue eyes, but I also see his determination to make sure I’m safe.  “Nope!” I burst out as I pry the bear trap off his leg, picked him up and ran.  Fear started rushing through my body, I feel anger inside for what they did to this innocent man.  My eyes started flashing yellow, then normal red.  “No, no, no not now.  If I turn, then we will not escape.”  I try to keep myself under control.  If I get to scared or get bottled up with anger, my eyes will turn yellow, and my inner wolf comes out.  I ran faster than I had ever ran before.  The man looked up at me and shed a tear before blacking out.  “Crap, now he’s harder to carry.”  The humans start gaining on us.  If I don’t out run them, they will find the camp.  I throw the man over my shoulder.  Then I used my other hand to let out an ear popping whistle.  Within two minutes, Grace glided down and grasped me by the shoulders.  She then flapped her long and powerful wings and flew away into the clouds so the humans didn’t spot us.  “This is the third time this week Nix, how many more times do I have to save your butt?”  Grace joked.  “Well you can always let me get captured, then you can hunt for the food.”  Grace laughed, and purposely went in a loop to startle me.  “Wait, who is that,” She pointed to the man.  “To be honest, I don’t know.  I found him stuck in a bear trap.  His leg is not in the best shape.”  “I’m sure I can fix him up,” Grace claimed with determination in her voice.  She kept flying for a little while longer before landing in the camp.  I carried the man into my cave and set him down on my bed.  Almost everyone in the camp started crowding the cave.  “Everyone out! Return to your huts!” I demanded.  Grace walked in with some medical supplies we found scattered across the camp when we first found it.  “You should wait outside, this is not going to be pretty,” Grace warned.  I walked out.  I don’t know what it was about him, but I just could not let him die.
A few hours later, Grace was done with the procedure.  Grace had been a doctor at a hybrid hospital, until it was destroyed by humans.  She walked up to me and said, “I was able to save his leg, but he won’t be able to walk for a while.”  My ears went down.  “Why do humans do this, we never did anything to them.”  “Well, I have a theory.  I was thinking they see us as a challenge, or they see us as an opportunity for a weapon,” Grace theorized.  After she said this, I looked down.  The claws on my hands had grown longer and sharper.  “What if the humans are right?” I thought, “What if I am just some dangerous monster?”  Grace saw I was starting to get to angry, she placed her hand on my shoulder.  “Nix calm down, why don’t you go to him.  He might be awake.”
As I made my way to the cave, so many thoughts were racing through my head.  What will I say?  How will he respond to me coming in?  What is it that’s so special about him?  I entered the cave and saw the man lying down on my bed.  His leg was wrapped up from the ankle to his knee.  “There’s my hero,” He proclaimed.  “Well I guess I am pretty amazing,” I said jokingly.  The man laughed as a bowed down right in front of him.  “May I know the name of my hero?”  He asked.  “Nix, Nix Howler.  Now may I know the name of my damsel in distress?”  He smiled and answered, “Jake, Jake Myers.”  I sat down on a big rock next to the bed.  We talked for hours about our lives.  Even though I just met him, it feels like I have known him forever.  Right then and there, I knew what was so special about him, his kind and protecting personality.
Months pass and Jake is stumbling around the camp, attempting to use his tail for support.  Even though we had only met a few months ago, it feels like a century.  Highlight is always messing with us, singing the K.I.S.S.I.N.G song.  One bright morning, Jake was leaning on me for support.  All of a sudden, his grasp on me tightened and he pulled me down onto a log.  “Nix, I don’t want to hide this anymore.  You have helped me get through this whole ordeal, and you have been my best friend,” He took a deep breath.  “I decided to stay in the camp with you.”  My tiny cheeks became red like the sun.  Before he could say another word, I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in to kiss him.  He did not pull away or refuse.   We both love each other and we are not going to hide it any more.  “I have waited for that ever since you saved me,” He admitted.  We rubbed our heads against each other to show our passionate love.
Two months later and Jake’s leg is fully healed.  He had been helping out in the camp, bringing food up to the watchtowers for the scouts, hunting for food early in the morning for me, and even training the kids.  One day while he was training, I jogged up to him and nervously muttered, “Hey Jake, I was…uh…wondering if you…uh…wanted to go hunting with me.”  I wanted to do something with him, just him and me, but I was scared I would say something stupid.  “Sure,” He answered.  My tail started wagging like an excited puppy dog.  We went down on all fours and ran into the woods.  
 As we raced through the woods, our noses were wiggling all over the place trying to pick up a scent.  Suddenly I caught onto a smell, but it was not a good one.  So many haunting memories came rushing back to me.  “Nix are you ok?”  Jake questioned.  “They found us,” I told him.  Humans came out of the bushes and rushed at us.  Jake and I blurted out at the same time, “RUN!”  Our eyes were as wide as pancakes as we tried escaping from the humans’ sight.  “We need to lead them away from the camp!”  I ordered.  “I might have an idea!”  Jake added.  All of a sudden, Jake let out a loud whistle, the same whistle I let out when I was saving him.  “Well you’re a fast learner!”  I said while breathing heavy.  “Nix not now!  Just keep running!”  Through the haze we see Grace coming down with someone in her hands. I look up and saw Highlight with her bomb pack on.  I glance over at Jake and knew that magically he had anticipated what was going to transpire, and orchestrated the appearance of Grace and Highlight.  
 Grace and Highlight started fighting off the humans while we went to the camp to warn the others.  Rushing back to camp, my mind was spinning with unanswerable questions.  I was so scared for everything we built and accomplished. How could this be happening?  Why do they decide to come now?  What do they want?  

The smoke from the camp fire lead us strait home.  Our breath was stolen from us, we were gasping for air.  “Nix! What happened!”  Yelled Stinger.  “Tell everyone to prepare, the humans are coming!” I declared.  Grace and Highlight retreated to camp.  Highlights face was stained with smoky ash.  “We need to hurry Nix, the humans are not far away.  We held them back for some time but they will come,” Grace warned.  In the distance, we heard the leader of the human group, blurting out orders to the soldiers.  The other side of me was starting to take over, the side that wants to just run at the humans and end them.  “Nix, we trust you.  What do you want to do?”  Jake gestured.  I get myself under control and answered, “Gather the scouts and the guards, and prepare to fight.”  Highlight’s mouth had a huge grin, a grin that says, “Let’s have some fun.” A woman that was part panda gathered the children up. “What should I do with the kids?”  She asked.  “Bring them to my cave, they will be safe there.”  Once all the children were in the cave.  The rest of us stood in a line, waiting for the humans to come.

In the blink of an eye, the humans jumped out of the bushes and came running at us.  “Hybrids!  Attack!”  I screamed.  Grace shot up into the sky and started firing at the humans with her bow and arrow.  Jake kept roaring ferociously as he slashed the humans with his razor-sharp claws.  Stinger was swiftly stinging the humans with her dangerous tail.  Highlight was carefully placing her bombes only in places that would harm the invading humans.  As for me, I was going at them with all my strength.  Clawing at them and biting them.  I tried keeping myself under control, but failed.  My eyes turned yellow and I went full on wolf.  The other side of me, the side that would never kill anyone was trying to escape.  Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.  My eyelids got heavy and my legs were like plastic.  The world was spinning and I fell to the ground.  As I struggled to stay awake, I caught a glance of Stinger being taken by the humans.  Then everything went black.

I don’t know how long I was down.  Hours, days… I did not know.  I woke up and right away squeezed me eyes shut to shield them from a blinding light.  Then a hand reached over and shut it off.  The hand did not look familiar… or smell familiar.  I look over to see a tall, fearsome man.  “Wow you’re a heavy sleeper, aren’t you puppy,” He mocked.  “Who are you?  Where am I?  Let me go!”  I cry while tearing at my restraints.  “Oh, how rude of me.  I’m Xavier Ackman.” The grin growing evil across his face. “I control you now, as I control this place,” He answered.  I stared at him with an angry expression.  “And what exactly is this place?”  He smirked and responded, “Phoenix labs.”  Fear filled my face.  Many of the hybrids in the camp escaped from Phoenix labs in very bad condition.  “WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS!”  I raged.  “Unfortunately, we only got you…and your sister.”  I was shocked.  “How do you know Stinger is my sister,” I asked.  “Oh Nix, we have searched for you longer than you think.  You have no idea just how special you are.”  He said with an evil tone.  “You have that other side to you.  The side that’s not all cute and cuddly.  The side that’s meant for destruction.  Very rare indeed, and very useful.  It took a lot of effort to find you.  Including getting past your father.”  My eyes became like swords.  “What are you talking about?  I never knew my father.”  He giggled and answered, “That’s what they made you think.  It’s a shame really, Yun would have made an amazing subject.  Your mother on the other hand, worthless…”  Everything became silent.  I had no idea how to answer to that.  Yun is my father?  This man was the one that murdered him and my mother!  I finally found my words, “You idiot, why do you do this to us.  We never did anything to you!  You killed my father!  Killed my mother!  What else do you want!”  He smirked and answered, “I want you freaks in chains.”  After he said this, more humans came out of what seemed like nowhere and started taking me away.  “Where are you taking me!”  I growled.  “Every puppy needs a cage,” He laughed.
The ground was cold, the air…humid.  I sat there thinking, Yun was my father all along?  Why did he never tell me?  What is Xavier going to do to me?  Tears fell down my face as I stayed rolled in a ball cuddling my tail.  There was no sound anywhere that I could hear, which was very unusual for me.  Until I heard the sound of someone calling my name.  “Nix!  Nix!”  I kept hearing.  I look over at the bars and saw Stinger, in the cage across from me.  “Stinger!  Are you ok?  Did they do anything to you?”  I worried.  “No, I’m fine.  Are you ok?  Where are the others?  Did they make it out?”  She replied.  “Wow, wow slow down one question at a time.  I’m fine, and I think the others are find to.”  I did not want to tell her about Yun and our mother.  Knowing how she is, she wouldn’t have the right mind set to escape.  
5 days have past and the humans had put me and Stinger through many tests.  We were dragged daily through the sterile white halls to face our fate.  From pouring cold water on us, to injections, to taking samples and way more.  They had put something on my arm…  It read, “Subject 246.”  Now I get why humans have hunted us down.  We are test subjects.

One day, I was in my cell trying to both wipe away Subject 246 from my arm, and wipe away the pain I was feeling.  As I was scrubbing away, I heard a loud ear popping explosion fill the silence of my cage.  A huge hole had been made in the wall, and I saw Highlight leap in through the hole, followed by Grace and Jake.  “Guys over here!”  I tried getting their attention.  Jake finally saw me and ran to me.  “Nix!  Thank god you’re alright.”  He said as we kissed through the bars.  “Stinger is on the other side,” I told him.  He took the key to the cage from a human that was knocked out by the blast, and unlocked it for me.  Then he sprinted over to do the same for Stinger.  “Guys we have to go now.  Highlight is going to blow this place sky high,” Grace demanded.  “Ok, but first Jake you go free all the other hybrids that are being kept here.  Grace you go help Highlight place the bombs, but wait for my signal to detonate.  Stinger, you go get rid of all the files they have of us.  I will hold off Xavier, I know he will be here any minute,” I ordered.    
Just as I thought, Xavier showed up in what seemed like seconds.  He was holding a Tranquilizer gun in his hands.  “You are not leaving without getting through me, puppy,” He threatened.  “Then I guess I’m just going to have to get through you.”  I then jumped at him in an instant, lashing my sword like claws at him.  He tried shooting me, but I just kept hitting them out of the way.  Once he ran out of ammo, I jumped at him and knocked him to the ground.  My eyes were flashing, yellow, to red, then to yellow again.  “Nix don’t!  This is not you!  Don’t be the monster people think we are!”  Jake confronted.  A tear fell from my face as I heard him say this.  All the anger, the fear, the hatred was all coming out at once like a tsunami flooding my heart.  I stared at Xavier and said, “Never attack my family again.”  As I let my weight off him, he ran into the woods, into the shadows.  Jake, Stinger and I rushed out of the lab with the few humans that were knocked out in our arms.  I then gave the signal, and the lab became nothing but rubble.  “What now?”  Grace asked.  I smiled and said, “We do what my father told us, we go where no one will find us.”  

As we walked through the woods, I saw a dove fly by us.  I know that we will never be able to stop running.  Never have peace between hybrids and humans.  For now though, I will protect my family, my friends, our freedom.
Toothless (Gift)
One of my friends requested a drawing of toothless... So here it is xD.

I also saved the lineart so I can use it at Maker Faire if im accepted :D
Ugh this is probably going to be such a cheesy question  but is there any chance anyone can get me a care membership so I can change my user?  I will draw you a pic if you do 🤗
Ok so it is not official but I MIGHT be having a booth at this years Maker Faire in Florida!!!!  WOOOOO

I am going there as Digital Painting Wolf and I am going t be sharing my art, talking about my experience and why I started drawing, and I am going to have some fun activities for the kids!  I will have blank papers for kids to draw on, and I'm going to be making some line art drawings to print out for the smaller kids to color.  Once the child is done drawing the pic, they can either pin it up on a board I'm gonna have, or they can take it home.  I will also be accepting donations and with any donation, you get a pic of yourself or a family member and I will send it to you through e-mail.  I have only sent in an application so I have to wait and see if it will be approved or not, I will let you know when I get the news!!!
Its Meh! (Self Portrait)
I was getting stressed out so I just decided to randomly draw something... So I drew myself xD.
YAY I FINALLY MADE AN OFFICIAL ICON!  You have no idea how much effort I put into this drawing.  I have never worked so hard on a drawing!  It was fun though!  Hope you like it!…
Free at last (OC)
So a while back i wrote a story called, "Freedom".  I decided that for all of my stories, I am going to draw a drawing to like sum up the story, so for this one its everyone celebrating their freedom. 

BTW I will soon be posting "Freedom" and "The School for the Special and Insane" on DA.  So if you actually care about my characters and stories, read them xD.


Hey guys, so a while back I did a drawing called Worthless Feeling. It was my message to people with depression which is something I personally go through. That drawing made an impact on someone and that really touched me. Since I have gotten better since that drawing, I am going to redraw that but I'm going to change a couple things in it. Like the hair color and the background. I am not going to be drawing me because I don't want that to be the only image people think about me. I will just be doing an original price and not myself.
Shhh.... It's tea time (FanArt)
This is my granmother's all time favorite Disney character! Knowing how much she loves Cheshir Cat from Alice in Wonder Land, I thought it't only fitting to add him into my series of drawing cartoon characters as humans. I hope you like it :D

Omg what...
I added one of my fav artists SquidWhiskers OC's Fjarki into my Tamadachi life. Right now he is dating my OC Highlight! YAS!

R.I.P SkyDoesMinecraft


P.S. He's not dead he's not quitting minecraft 😭
9 more watchers will nail the special redraw

I started my new business called, "Sienna's Canine Creations!"




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HI WELCOME TO MY PAGE! I have been doing digital art the same amount of time I have had a Deviant Art account. I made my account the day I did my first digital painting.

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That first drawing completely changed my life because I kept drawing every day since. I started with a mouse which was pretty hard, but then I got a tablet and that REALLY made a difference the the way I draw things.

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Now here are some things about me in stamp form!

[STAMP] ANXIETY SUCCESSFULLY INTENSIFIED by xS1NNER-B4TSx Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness The Early Stamp by Busiris Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Character Stamp by Arpie Forgetful by prosaix I love kawaii by prosaix Superpowers by prosaix Undo Button by fear-the-brilliance teddy stamp by findyQ Computer Stamp by ShadowDragon22 Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylast NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz I love Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist

Now a lil info on my point commissions, I have a few things that I don't feel comfortable doing.

Gore, Demons, Spirits, Angels, Couples (Of any kind, I only feel comfortable drawing my own OC couples) Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves or pretty much anything that involves Halloween, Fetishes, Mecha and Holiday stuff.

Please understand that I need these restrictions for personal reasons. I just don't feel comfortable drawing a lot of things. I will let you know if there is anything about your Commission that I don't feel comfortable drawing.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you decide to get a commission.


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