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I have been really wanting to ask some artists that I love on DA to do a commission for me. But my mom wont let me pay for commissions with real money. So I'm moving to the next best thing, points! Please, please, please donate, anything is appreciated. Thanks! AND STAY KAWAII!

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I can and will burn you! (OC)
This is my newest OC Autumn.  She goes with the story, "The School for the Special and Insane."  I already had 2 characters that go in the insane group but I did not have another special.  So I did one!  She has fire powers!
At least I got you. (OC)
Nimmy was put into the schools Insane room because she was throwing sharp cards at the specials.  She has been in the cell for hours, waiting to be let out.  But no matter what she always has her pet dove Ace.
Ok so since I have been sick all week. Here is a picture of my dog! ENJOY IT!
So I know I have not uploading in like a week but there is a perfectly good explanation.  I have the flu and I have been in bed for days.  My limbs feel very weak and wobbly so that's why I have not uploaded.  I am feeling better today but still feeling weak.  I expect to be back on the computer by Sunday.
Sorry I have not posted in a while.  I was camping for the weekend and came home with the flu!  So I'm not going to be drawing for a Lil while...

Anyway when I'm better here are a few things to come.  I have 1 request that I need to draw then I'm going to do another pic of Nimmy.  I decided to remove her tattoo on her right arm.  But I'm keeping the makeup lines under her eye.  I also plan to do some fan art of both DanTDM and SkyDoesMinecraft.
Relaxing day(OC)
Nix has gone through a lot lately so I thought she needed a brake.
Forgot the name... xD (Request)
This is a request for Prentis-65 

These two are from a show on cartoon network, I forgot the name of it.  The only show I really watch on cartoon network is amazing world of gumball soooo... ya.

Cool female archer.
This is my first time using the point trace tool.  And I love the result!
REQUESTS ARE OPEN!  Just send me a note or comment on my profile.  Here are some things I wont do.

Demonic things
Sexual things
Spiritual things
Blood or gore

I will let you know if I'm just not comfortable doing it.
Guys I just found the secret to digital art!  THE POINT TRACING TOOL!  To get good lines that are not messy.  IM SO HAPPY!  NOW I WILL REALLY IMPROVE!
2 month improvment.
I started digital art 2 months ago.  What do you think?  Am I doing good so far?

The before pic is my first pic I did digitally.
You know I'm very curious.  Too all the digital artists out there, what is your personal best for the most layers used in a pic.  Mine is 38, and that was for the picture with all of my OC's from the hybrid RP.
This is Manami from Yowamushi pedal.  HE IS MINE!  NO ONE ELSES!  HE IS MY MENTAL ANIME BOYFRIEND!
Queen of the ocean
This painting has no point to it.  I was just looking at references online and found this.  So I drew it!
These are my only friends... (OC)
This is my second character for the story I'm gonna do called, "The School for the Special and Insane."  Her name is Violet and she is a special.  Her ability is that she can control and speak to snakes.  Everyone thinks shes weird because she is always alone, never with anyone but her snakes.  She is not very social because she is an orphan and no one wanted to adopt her because of her abilities and he unusual friends.  So she was sent to the school.


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United States
HI! My name is Sienna. I'm a 15 year old digital artist and i'm not that good YET! I draw every day and i'm hoping to post something everyday. It was my step sis that got me into drawing. She watches anime all the time and eventually showed me some anime as well. I really enjoyed it and I now watch anime all the time. My step sis also draws anime all the time and I decided I would give it a try. Turned out I really enjoyed it so I kept doing it 😄. Step sister's DA account: KatYarne (BTW I NOW TAKE REQUESTS! JUST SEND ME A NOTE OR COMMENT ON MY PROFILE!)


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Np, your poses are good reference.
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that makes me sooo happy!
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that makes me sooo happy!!!
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my animal collages by ingeline-art
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Do you like it so far? It's just a sketch and still a wip
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Don't wanna seem rude, just wondering.
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Your gonna add color right?
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probably a little
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Just send the finished pic in my comment section like you did with the sketch. I can screenshot it 😊
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